Carnivale Fused Glass Tiles

Our Carnivale fused glass tiles are bright and whimsical, bursting with life and color. Beginning with a two-layer foundation--one a solid base color and the other layer clear glass--we add hundreds of small bits of colorful glass to the top and fully fuse them into the glass. The finished tiles are the same thickness as a typical ceramic tile: 6 mm or 3/8". This means you can mix and match our custom glass tiles with commercial ceramic tiles or use our glass tiles only to create your own unique look.

Typical sizes are 2" x 2" ($14 each) and 4" x 4" ($20 each), but we can make these tiles in just about any size to suit your needs.

Here are some color and design ideas:

2" Carnivale Fused Glass Mosaic Tiles

2" Carnivale tiles are perfect accent tiles, breaking up solid bands of color with a bit of fun. $14 each; free shipping to U.S. customers.