Dog Tiles and Cabinet Knobs in Fused Glass

Expressive dogs immortalized in fused glass tiles--how fun! Each tile features a colorful dog with ears up, down, or a combination of the two. (And yes, you can specify how you want YOUR dogs to appear!) We hand-cut each piece of glass for the dog faces, then put them on two layers of square glass and either full fuse for smoothness or tack fuse for texture. The fully fused tiles are 4" x 4", $28 each. The tack-fused tiles (below) are 2" x 2", and the cabinet pulls are 1-3/4". Free shipping to U.S. customers.

2" Tack-Fused Dog Tiles

These 2" tiles are tack fused (fired at a lower temperature) to retain the details and texture. Specify the color palette you'd like. $16 each. Free shipping to U.S. customers.

Dog Faced Cabinet Knobs in Fused Glass

Glass cabinet pulls, each with a handcrafted dog face, are 1-3/4" each on standard hardware with the knob 3/4" out from the drawer. Standard cabinet pull screw is included. Specify your colors. $40 each. Free shipping to U. S. customers.